We are both skilled workers and industry in one package

  • Our Service

    No matter what you need for your project: we are not only a manufacturing partner, but also an advisor and an engineering firm. We offer you extensive analysis and professional technical support, new solutions, new products, new creative ideas, and new inspirations, integration of artistry and feasibility, full support & services by our sales consultants for a seamless and timely coordination.

  • Consulting and Requirements Clarification

    Based on your precise requirements, no matter how large or how small your project is, Novasurface provide optimal support without vending services you don't need. First is concept development, then we will conduct shape processing and system performance analysis to review and refine design, define project details to adhere to original design intent.

  • Our Team

    With Novasurface, you have access to extensive expertise and decades of project experience with solid surface materials. Novasurface's project management team is equipped with a large number of the industry's top technical staff, including structural engineers, color engineers, appearance and modeling process design engineers and other technical personnel, to meet customers' demand for the first, to explore the potential needs of customers, and to help customers solve problems, to ensure that the designer's creative ideas to complete the leap and sublimation from vision into reality.

  • Cost Estimation and Fabrication

    After assessing your requirements and being certain that we understand your project, we begin working on the cost estimation. If necessary or desired, we will assist you in bidding or obtaining offers, also for external requirements(such as electrical needs, plumbing,etc.). We assure our customers to get more cost-effective from both structural design itself and material application, we provide the most effective product features at the lowest costs and we guarantee the overall quality of all projects.

  • Project Management and Engineering

    ◆ Integrate innovative material technology and architectural expertise to create ground-breaking projects
    ◆ Utilize prototypes, concept consistency, and product performance testing to determine project implementation feasibility
    ◆ Extensive industry know-how increases efficiency, reduces project risks, and producing results with innovative solutions

  • Production and Delivery

    ◆ Seamless incorporation of production and supply chain management yields fast and effective coordination and project delivery
    ◆ Automatic electronic fabrication minimizes production waste
    ◆ Pre-assembling and adjustments of products, maintenance support and spare parts services will be provided, adequately creating a sustainable and cost-effective project.


Fabrication Advantage

Novasurface’s factory provides perfect fabrication service of high quality and high precise machining, processing a variety of modeling. Can realize all personalized needs of seamless joint, arc hanging, asphalt tank, draining board, customized surface pattern.