Innovative surface material is our substance
Giving shape to your ideas is our mission

For everyone who works with or would like to work with innovative surface materials,Novasurface is the perfect partner for you.
Regardless of the task: from consulting, engineering, manufacturing and assembling to simply distributing the material With decades of experience and expertise in this filed, Novasurface is the perfect choice for architects, designers, contractors and manufacturers in the kitchen and bath trade.


With the up-to-date fabrication factory, advanced stone processing technology, workmanship and professional abroad production management experience, Novasurface will bring the highest standard service to our partners and customers.


Novasurface now stands in the first place in the competition of innovative surface product development, project planning and technical implementation. When it comes to precise implementation of intelligent ideas and solution for surfaces, Novasurface provides the skilled engineers and the understanding of market trends.


Novasurface keeps deep and close creative relationship with clients, architects, designers and other partners. With a nationwide distribution network in China, a distribution company in USA., offices in Germany and other European countries, Novasurface is well positioned to continue expanding with new ideas for new projects, with new customers and with many partners that have already been working with Novasurface for a long time.